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1.  Credits

2.  Download includes:

  • Eagle schematics
  • Firmware (Arduino)
  • Programming software
  • Processing source


3.  Preparing the microcontroller

The microcontroller should have been pre-programmed with the firmware. If it is not, follow these steps.

4.  Build


4.1  USB connector

4.2  Other SMD components

A470pF capacitor
B.1uF capacitor
C4.7uF capacitor
DB340A diode (the line on the diode must match the line on the board)
E82k Ohm resistor (marked 823)
F330 Ohm resistor
G10K Ohm resistor
R51 Ohm resistor
LLED (the green pads of the LED must point "inward")
U1MCP73831 charger
U2MIC5219 regulator

4.3  Other through hole components

4.4  Ambient Light Sensors

pinky2 lightsensor step1 pinky2 lightsensor step2 pinky2 lightsensor step3 pinky2 lightsensor step4 pinky2 lightsensor step5

4.5  Battery

You can either solder the battery wires directly to the board or you can use a male header.

Option 1: With a header

Option 2: Direct wiring

5.  Use

To use the Agit Pinky, simply turn it on. A fadeout animation will play on the LED. Swinging a magnet in front of the sensor will launch the POV effect.

6.  Customize

Open the Pinky software:

Set the text to what you want:

Press enter to switch to the software's upload mode:

Start Pinky 2 in upload mode by turning it on and holding the button:

Pinky 2 will show an animation indicating it is ready:

Align the Pinky 2 on the line (so that the ambient light sensors are on each side of it) and release the button:

Press enter to start the upload. The 2nd and 3rd LED at the end of the Pinky 2 should blink as each side of the screen blinks.

  • When the left side of the screen is white, the 2nd LED should light up.
  • When the right side of the screen is white, the 3rd LED should light up.

If this does not happen, you might need to increase to play with the brightness and contrast of your screen or adjust the lighting in your room.

If the upload was successful the new pattern should start playing back immediately non stop.

If the upload was not successful, Pinky 2 will either stay in upload mode or will hang (the first LED will stop blinking and nothing will happen).

7.  Additional information

7.1  Supply Paths

pinky2 supplypaths

7.2  Pin Mapping

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