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1.  Building the device


3.  Reprogramming the device

3.1  Installation

On Windows install the driver included in the download above.
Also, in Windows 8, you must deactivate driver signature to install the driver as indicated in these steps.

On Linux you need to create a set of rules for the USBasp device:

sudo echo "SUBSYSTEMS==\"usb\", ATTRS{idVendor}==\"16c0\", ATTRS{idProduct}==\"05dc\", GROUP=\"users\", MODE=\"0666\"" > /etc/udev/rules.d/USBasp.rules

The following instructions apply to all platforms.

  • Download and install Arduino from here :
  • Copy the hardware folder (included in the download at the top of this page) to Arduino's hardware folder (usually: Documents > Arduino > hardware, create the hardware folder if it does not exist).
  • Restart Arduino and select Agit P.O.V. Coyote (USBaspLoader, ATmega168, 3.3V, 12MHz) from the Tools > Board menu:

3.2  Burn the bootloader (not necessary during workshops)

These steps are only necessary if you do not have the bootloader loaded. The bootloader is already loaded for the workshops. Click to expand this section.

Connect your ICSP programmer as instructed here:

Select the programmer:

Burn the bootloader:

3.3  Uploading custom graphics

  • Create you graphics with the EditPOV software (included in the download at the top of this page) and click the copy to clipboard for Arduino button
  • paste the new graphics (encoded as an array) in the appropriate place in the Arduino code called Coyote (included in the download at the top of this page)
  • Make sure you selected Agit P.O.V. Coyote (USBaspLoader, ATmega168, 3.3V, 12MHz) in Arduino's Tools > Board menu:
  • Plug in your Coyote.
  • Turn on the Coyote while holding the button.
  • Upload your code.
  • Turn off Coyote and then back on. It should be running your code and new graphics.

3.4  Customizing

Please note that all Serial communication in not supported i.e. : no Serial.available(),, Serial.print(), etc...

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